Femme AM

In 2017, I had the pleasure of joining the team at CJLO 1690AM to create their first-ever feminist radio show, Femme AM. My role as co-producer included story ideation, script-writing, field-reporting, interviews, production and hosting. 

The Team

Femme AM was co-produced by a fantastic team with a variety of strengths. As social media manager, part of my role was to create, curate and manage digital content for our social media platforms as well as cultivate an online community through continuous audience engagement.

Social Media Samples 


The goal of Femme AM was to provide an intersectional development space for marginalized creatives to produce diverse content for mainstream airwaves. As such, our show highlighted intersectional feminism, played a substantial role in the dialogue around the #MeToo movement in Montreal, amplified the voices of local femmes from music, politics and media as well as explored sex positivity.

Brand Sponsorship

In 2018, I had the pleasure of working directly with Montreal-based erotica company Seduction to incorporate them into one of our sex-positive episodes. I arranged an informative interview with one of their product experts and a giveaway for our listeners via Boutique X-stasy.
You can listen to that episode here




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